Watch: New Apple TV Plus Trailer Shows Real-Life Clark Griswold Battling Neighbors Over Christmas


‘Tis the season to be jolly⏤unless, of course, you live in a certain neighborhood where a Christmas light show is the bane of your existence.

A new trailer for an Apple TV Plus documentary, Twas The Fight Before Christmas, shows a man known as Mr. Christmas embarking on a quest to do something he loves: hosting the ultimate Christmas show at his home. Jeremy Morris loves Christmas more than life itself and makes a big deal of the holiday⏤a really big deal.

Morris and his family don’t just decorate for Christmas⏤they make a Broadway-level production out of it. His new neighbors aren’t thrilled about the idea when the Morris family purchases a home big enough for Jeremy’s dream Christmas light show. Citing everything from traffic and noise to religion, those established in the neighborhood didn’t want Morris’ Christmas extravaganza to exist, period.

The trailer reads more like the beginning of a true-crime documentary with a painful outcome than a documentary about a Christmas extravaganza. Kicking off with a quote from Morris about probably being the only person in the world to be banned from decorating for Christmas, you immediately know that you’re in for a wild ride with this one.

“I am the only American⏤probably the only person in the world⏤who has been banned by a federal court from decorating for Christmas,” Morris says in the trailer.

From angry neighbors to a light show Morris just isn’t willing to let go of, this Idaho town is getting rocked by some strange holiday events, all of which the documentary will explore. You can catch Twas The Fight Before Christmas on Apple TV Plus on Nov. 26.