Watch: Something’s up with Morpheus in new ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ clip

morpheus matrix resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections lands next week and even after multiple trailers and clips the plot remains mysterious. We don’t know the current status of the Matrix, how Neo and Trinity survived their deaths in Revolutions, why the movie seems to be willfully demolishing the fourth wall, and – perhaps most intriguingly – what’s up with Morpheus.

In the original trilogy, Laurence Fishburne made the part iconic, though in this new installment he’s been superseded by Aquaman and Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Why he’s suddenly much younger is unknown, but in a new clip it appears Neo isn’t particularly pleased to see him:

The most popular fan theory is that this new version is an AI replica of Morpheus designed to manipulate Neo. A shot in the first trailer appears to show him being formed by the machines, and there’s a sinister and uncanny air to the character in all the footage we’ve seen.

What the machines want with Neo is anyone’s guess, though it seems we’re set to see him torn between his half-forgotten past as ‘The One’ and his much calmer current existence. I suspect the key to this is Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity, who should be able to see through this ‘other’ Morpheus given her long history with him.

Right now, it appears Fishburne isn’t in Resurrections (the original Morpheus died in a canon MMO), but I wouldn’t rule out a surprise appearance by him. Even if he isn’t back, it looks like multiple clips of The Matrix will be played to our characters featuring him, so Fishburne isn’t just a memory.

All this will (hopefully) be untangled on 22 December, when The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters and HBO Max.