Watch: Terrifying trailer for ‘Fallen’ drops


A horror film with the tagline “A soldier of God will stand alone against an evil army” is sure to catch your attention. Eerie music, flashes of light and darkness, and a creature lurking just beyond the realm of what’s comfortable are enough to fill anyone with dread.

Fallen, an upcoming scary movie starring Andrea Zirio, Ortensia Fioravanti, and Fabio Tarditi, looks to be enough to fuel your nightmares for weeks to come. The trailer for the film just dropped, and as his past haunts Father Abraham, a new terror comes to find him. The new army he’s up against will put up quite a fight, and as radio broadcasts across the trailer hint, darkness is falling all around him.

The synopsis for Fallen is as follows:

“Father Abraham was ready to save the world from an evil menace using exorcism ⏤ until tragedy struck. Years later, he lives on a remote farm with his daughter, haunted by the faces of those he saved and those he could not. After finding a pale humanoid creature lurking in the woods one night, he shoots and cremates the monster. But all too soon he discovers that the beast was not alone and his troubles have only begun. This frightening supernatural horror tale will chill you to your soul.”

Fallen is slated for an On Demand and DVD release on Feb. 22, 2022.