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Watch: the alluring first trailer for lustful romance ‘Through My Window’

See the alluring new trailer for the upcoming teen romance drama, Through My Window, coming soon to Netflix.

A captivating trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie Through My Window premiered today, and it’s as sexy as it is obsessive. In fact, Raquel Alvarez is obsessed with her neighbor, Ares Hidalgo, and that’s the story’s premise entirely. Starring Julio Peña and Clara Galle, the film focuses on Raquel’s infatuation with Ares and how a discovery she soon makes has the potential to risk everything.

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Based upon the book with the same title, the Netflix series is an enticing and inviting look at young romance and how utterly enveloping it can become. With extenuating circumstances thrown into the mix, romance looks like the most complicated thing in the world, and feelings get hurt when something so simple becomes so difficult.

First love should be full of romance and excitement, and the trailer certainly shows that, but it also shows a lot of heartaches. The synopsis for the book, Through My Window, is as follows:

It used to be that I obsessed over Ares Hidalgo from afar. But that was before he climbed Through My Window.

Raquel Álvarez is hardworking and serious about her future. She’s only got one goal―to become a psychologist. Well, that and to get Ares Hildago to notice her.

For as long as Raquel can remember, she has been obsessed with Ares. Even though he lives next door, Raquel has never spoken to him. Yet, she can’t help thinking there’s more to him than his rich, hot playboy image. . . and she can’t help imagining what it’d feel like to kiss him.

After a chance encounter reveals her crush is anything but unrequited, their steamy attraction grows into what can only be described as hands-down hot. They fall hard and fast for one another.

Raquel is all in with Ares. But Ares can’t, or won’t, commit. His life has been spelled out for him from the beginning. Once he’s done with school, he’ll join the family business. For now? Stay cool. Stay unconnected. And don’t fall in love.

What burns bright burns fast, but for Ares and Raquel, can it last?

From the looks of the trailer, the film will follow the storyline closely, and we can’t wait to find out what the family business is and why it requires Ares to be so disconnected.

Through My Window premieres on Netflix on Feb. 4, and that gives you just enough time to dive into the book, written by Ariana Godoy, first.

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