Watch: Tom Holland stops everything to watch Zendaya arrive at ‘No Way Home’ premiere

Image via Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Over the past few months, Tom Holland and Zendaya have gone public with their relationship, but even if we didn’t know about it before, we definitely would’ve done after the British actor’s antics on the red carpet at the Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere made his feelings for her obvious. Monday saw Los Angeles play host to the world premiere of the much-anticipated threequel, attended by the movie’s A-list cast, who were all dolled up to the nines.

In a custom-made Valentino spider-web dress, Zendaya, in particular, was turning heads as she strolled up the red carpet. Not least her boyfriend’s. Holland was chatting to Entertainment Tonight at the point when he spotted Zendaya’s arrival at the premiere — and the sight of her caused him to stop talking for a full 15 seconds as he watched her disappear inside. Check out the loved-up star’s reaction via the video below:

Like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone during The Amazing Spider-Man films, Holland and Zendaya are romancing in real-life just as they play a couple on screen. After Peter Parker and MJ got together in Far From Home, No Way Home focuses on the pair in a committed relationship. The two actors have previously teased that their star-crossed teen characters are very much in love by the time the movie picks things up.

It’s currently unclear if Holland and Zendaya will get to share the screen again in the MCU, though there has been a lot of talk lately of a second trilogy for Holland’s webhead being in the works. Given the Dune icon’s fan-favorite status, Marvel and Sony would be remiss if they let Zendaya go and didn’t bring her back for Spider-Man 4 and beyond. Assuming, that is, MJ makes it out of this one alive.

Spider-Man: No Way Home finally swings into U.S. theaters tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 16.