Watch New Trailer For Ghostbusters Documentary Spook Central


The crackpot theories of film academics have turned into their own cinematic genre. The Shining was recently subject to a plethora of bizarre fan interpretations in the documentary Room 237. Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece was a guaranteed candidate for such conjecture, which stemmed from his unusual filming styles and unique slant on Stephen King’s source novel. Now there’s another 80s classic on the chopping block for critical dissection. Ghostbusters is under the microscope in the upcoming documentary Spook Central.

Similarly to The Shining doc, Spook Central derives its name from within the film itself. Fans of the flick will recognise the name, which is used to refer to the apartment of Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver), after the Ghostbusters realise her flat is a haven for Zuul; the Gatekeeper of Gozer.

The documentary looks set to establish itself into the annals of the ridiculous. As Room 237 made outrageous claims about Kubrick’s hidden messages in The Shining, Spook Central will too explore previously undocumented commentary (i.e. total bunkum) on Ghostbusters.

The silliness here begins with a history of the Columbia Pictures production title. Which appears at the beginning of every film Columbia is involved in. Talk about grasping at straws. Have a look at the trailer below, for further “insight” into what the filmmakers REALLY meant to say when they made the horror comedy back in 1984. At this point, this short preview could easily be considered a parody. There’d be few surprises if it indeed turned out to be one. This could kickstart a whole new type of Honest Trailer!

In one neat twist, the YouTube user who uploaded the trailer goes by the handle of Ivo Shandor. Shandor is the fictional name of the apartment building’s original architect. That fact may be the only interesting tidbit to note in relation to the film.

Spook Central will be released sometime in September.