Watch: Vince Vaughn Becomes A Teenage Girl In New Clip From Blumhouse’s Freaky


Vince Vaughn has spent the last few years playing firmly against type, and his newfound desire to challenge himself as an actor has resulted in a mini-renaissance of sorts. After portraying a World War II sergeant in Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, Vaughn delivered a jaw-dropping dramatic performance in S. Craig Zahler’s Brawl in Cell Block 99, before co-starring with Gibson in Zahler’s Dragged Across Concrete.

Having recently turned 50, it appears that he’s making a conscious effort to reinvent himself as an accomplished character actor, as he’s also played a wrestling coach in Fighting with my Family, lent support in political thriller Seberg and featured in neo-noir crime thriller Arkansas. The Wedding Crashers star will soon be making a return to comedy, though, in Blumhouse’s Freaky, but there’s also a pretty big twist.


Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon’s slasher is a spin on the body swap formula that sees Vaughn play a serial killer who finds himself trapped in the body of a teenage girl, and vice versa. The first trailer promised an irreverent horror comedy that looks to be a fun time at the movies, and Stephen King has been lavishing praise on what appears to be another stellar performance from the leading man.

The newest clip, seen up above, shows that Vaughn is having the time of his life pulling double duty as an elusive and dangerous murderer as well as a typical high school student. Freaky is still slated to arrive in theaters in just a couple of weeks, on November 13th, provided it doesn’t get pulled from the schedule like Blumhouse’s other high profile fall release, and from everything we’ve seen so far, it looks like it’ll be well worth checking out for fans of comedy and horror seeking the best of both worlds.