Watch: WB Releases First 7 Minutes Of Mortal Kombat Online


This Friday we’ll finally be able to lay eyes on Mortal Kombat, which Warner Bros. surely hopes will keep their winning streak alive following Wonder Woman 1984The Little ThingsTom & Jerry and Godzilla vs. Kong all climbing to the top of the domestic box office during their opening weekends. Not to mention they all drew in solid viewing numbers on HBO Max, too.

As for Mortal Kombat, well, given that it’s a video game adaptation, there’s still some hesitation about it, but the film has certainly been riding a steady wave of hype for a while now. Opening internationally earlier this month, several reviews have already surfaced and the general consensus appears to be that it’s a fun martial arts flick, but those who aren’t longtime fans might not be quite as enthusiastic as the diehards.

Perhaps in an effort to entice some newbies, then, Warner Bros. has now released the first 7 or so minutes of Mortal Kombat online. You can check out the footage for yourself up above and though it’s just a small sample of what we’ll be getting this Friday, it certainly helps whet our appetite for more.

With just a few days to go now until its HBO Max and domestic theatrical premiere, we’re certainly excited to see whether the film can live up to the substantial hype, and just how much violence and bloody fatalities it squeezed in without reaching NC-17 territory. Indeed, we’ve been promised fantastic fight scenes and tons of mature content, and hopefully it all translates to a thrilling watch.

We’ll find out soon enough, and with any luck, Mortal Kombat will manage to meet expectations and spawn a whole new cinematic franchise for Warner Bros. to dig into. Fingers crossed.