Watch: Wrath Of Man Clip Teases Jason Statham’s New Action Movie

Wrath of Man

Some actors are limited in the range of their performances, but can be relied upon when well within them. Jason Statham is one such person, consistently embodying gruff and taciturn roles in mid-level action movies. The latest such outing of his is Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man, for which a new clip has now been released.

The story sees a mysterious man known as H hired as a driver for armored trucks, only for his talents as a marksman and killer to be quickly revealed when he puts down an attempted hold-up, massacring the would-be thieves with callous efficiently and revealing that there is more to his presence than first appeared.

The clip shows Holt McCallany’s Bullet and Josh Harnett’s Boy Sweat Dave (and if you think they’re odd names, take a look at the character rundowns of some of Ritchie’s other movies) discussing the aftermath of the robbery that H foiled with seemingly effortless ease and addressing that something wasn’t right about both the situation and the man who dealt with it.

The rest of the video consists of the trailer for the pic, but adds greater context to their words if you’ve yet to encounter it. The video highlights that the film is likely to be as much about the mystery of H’s past as it is about him slaughtering his way through an army of anonymous mooks, and although his motivation is already revealed in the released material, exactly where he acquired his very specific set of skills will only come up in the movie itself.

Wrath of Man marks the fourth collaboration between Statham and Ritchie, after London-set gangster flicks Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, and pretentious crime thriller Revolver. It looks to take itself far more seriously than much of the director’s previous work, though, even if the star’s granite expressions will be perfect for maintaining the mystery of the man he portrays.