WB Execs Reportedly Want The SnyderVerse Gone Soon

Justice League

The future of the SnyderVerse, or lack thereof, has been a major talking point ever since Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released onto HBO Max last month. Even before the four-hour comic book blockbuster premiered, though, the director admitted that there was no interest from Warner Bros. in continuing his section of the mythology, and his stance hasn’t changed.

However, the timeline and continuity of DC Films’ output has become so muddled over the years that certain elements of the SnyderVerse are going to be in play for a while, regardless of whether or not those Justice League sequels or any associated spinoffs end up materializing. As per a new report, though, the top brass at the studio want to draw a line under it as soon as possible, with Small Screen claiming the following:

“What happened with Justice League [2017] was a huge embarrassment for WB execs. Most of those guys are gone, but some of them are still around to this day and they are feeling bitter towards Snyder and the people they see as being supporters of his. Are far as they’re concerned, they want the SnyderVerse gone. Finished. And they want it done soon.”

Obviously, this presents a number of major problems given that the future of the DCEU revolves around several marquee superheroes that are connected directly to the events of the SnyderVerse. The Flash is in production, Aquaman 2 kicks off shooting this summer and Wonder Woman 3 was fast-tracked into development late last year, and all three of those titular heroes were key members of Zack Snyder’s super team.

The Suicide Squad is also headlined by Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, who interacted with Ben Affleck’s Batman and Jared Leto’s Joker in the first film, both of whom are SnyderVerse alumni themselves. Meanwhile, Shazam! has sequel Fury of the Gods on the way, and the opening installment confirmed that Billy Batson exists in a timeline where Superman looks like Henry Cavill, even if his face wasn’t actually seen during the cameo. So, while WB might not be returning to the SnyderVerse well again, its fingerprints will still be all over the release schedule for a long time to come.