WB Is Keeping Zack Snyder In The Dark About Justice League’s Performance

Justice League

The majority of streaming services don’t tend to release official viewership numbers, but in the broadest terms you can sort of gauge what’s been a success and what hasn’t. The data gathered by third-party aggregator Samba TV has been a very useful tool in tracking what plays well across the platforms that don’t divulge specifics, while Jupiter’s Legacy getting canceled less than a month after it premiered paints a pretty clear picture of how it underperformed in the eyes of the Netflix boardroom.

One title fans for which fans are desperate to hear some concrete information on is Zack Snyder’s Justice League, as it dominated both the HBO Max most-watched list and the online conversation for weeks after being added to the library on March 18th. The lack of any celebratory statements from WarnerMedia led to rumors that the company were actively trying to bury the four-hour epic, but no figures have been disclosed yet for the streamer’s originals and/or hybrid releases, with the exception of Godzilla vs. Kong being touted as the biggest debut ever without any details backing it up.

It admittedly suits the SnyderVerse narrative to point fingers at WB for suppressing Justice League, and in a new interview, Zack Snyder did indeed confirm that he hasn’t heard a word from his former paymasters in the two months and change since his cut was unleashed onto HBO Max.

“I haven’t heard from them at all. After I released the movie, I haven’t gotten a phone call. It’s been radio silence. I don’t, the only communication was Ann Sarnoff’s article after the movie was released, but that wasn’t directly to me, that was to the people. So I don’t know. As far as I’m concerned, let’s see what happens with Discovery, and that’s cool. Who knows? All I know is that as of yesterday, Justice League was number one in the UK again, so…”

The newly-merged Warner Bros. Discovery has led to another bout of SnyderVerse speculation gaining traction, and it feels as though the filmmaker will never close that door completely, but it would still be nice to discover just how big of a hit the all-new Justice League was for HBO Max.