WB Reportedly Wants To Make Fun Of Batman V Superman’s Martha Scene

Batman V Superman

After spending years vociferously defending it from detractors, Zack Snyder finally resigned himself to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s infamous Martha scene being reduced to a pop culture punchline.

As is often the case with the filmmaker’s work, the logic and intentions behind it were sound, but the execution was narratively lacking. Snyder interprets it as a poetic and beautiful moment of symmetry that causes a vengeful billionaire to stop himself from pummeling an immigrant to death, but it didn’t quite land as intended given that their conflict had resulted in a five-minute scrap before they became best buddies.

It’s been used as a method to beat Snyder’s heavy-handed storytelling techniques over the head for years now, and a new rumor claims that Warner Bros. are keen to stick it to their former employee by having a future DC project openly mock the revelation that the company’s two biggest icons just happen to have moms with the same name.

There’s no word on where this is supposed to happen, or why WB would be so openly spiteful and vindictive towards somebody they handed almost a billion dollars of their money to so that he could deliver three comic book blockbusters that are still generating no shortage of discussion and debate, but the whole Martha-bashing thing has become more than a little passe.

After all, Batman v Superman was released over five years ago, and it’s been three since Ryan Reynolds mocked it in Deadpool 2, so the reference doesn’t hold much cache or sway anymore. Not only that, but looking at how SnyderVerse supporters have reacted towards any slight on their hero, all it would serve to do is piss people off even more.