WB Reportedly Didn’t Want That New Justice League Exposé Published

Justice League Batman

Though Zack Snyder’s Justice League has finally been released, we’re still learning the full truth about what really went on behind the scenes of the theatrical movie’s troubled production. After Snyder left the project, Joss Whedon was brought in to reshoot it, with Cyborg actor Ray Fisher blasting the Avengers director for inappropriate conduct on set.

This Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter shared a lengthy exposé which recalls Fisher’s clashes with the filmmaker, and it appears that Warner Bros. attempted to get the trade to pull the plug on the article. THR’s Kim Masters retweeted the story on Twitter and teased that she ruffled a few feathers at the studio with the piece. “Warners did not want me to write this story, to put it very mildly,” she wrote.

Possibly the most alarming fresh accusation against Whedon revealed is his alleged behavior with Gal Gadot. When the Wonder Woman star expressed issues with her dialogue in the movie, Whedon is said to have threatened her career unless she played ball. He also apparently gloated about treating Gadot this way, claiming he could make the star look “incredibly stupid” in the film. WB execs Geoff Johns and Walter Hamada likewise do not come out of THR’s exposé unscathed.

It seems likely that WarnerMedia execs must now consider Justice Leagueboth versions – to be something of a curse. Even when they try to wash all the bad blood away by giving the fans the Snyder Cut, not only do the misconduct allegations not disappear, but the fandom starts campaigning for them to #RestoreTheSnyderverse instead of rebooting the franchise, as is their plan, which again makes them look like the bad guys. Whichever way they spin it, then, WB just can’t turn the DC team-up flick into a win.