WB Has Reportedly Offered Brie Larson Several DCEU Roles

Brie Larson

Just because a lot of people have never really been on board with the idea of Brie Larson playing Captain Marvel, it doesn’t mean she isn’t one of the industry’s brightest young stars. After all, not a lot of actors have managed to win an Academy Award, headline a billion dollar superhero movie and direct their first feature all before they’ve turned 30.

That being said, it doesn’t look like the trolls will be leaving her alone anytime soon, with petitions still doing the rounds in an attempt to have Larson removed from her role as Carol Danvers, despite the widely-accepted fact that Captain Marvel will be positioned as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s figureheads, and also replace Captain America as the leader of the Avengers.

Not only that, but the actress has also been heavily linked with a role in Kevin Feige’s in-development Star Wars project, so it appears as though she’ll only continue to ignore all of the online backlash directed towards her involvement in the MCU. As if playing a key part in the world’s biggest and most popular franchise wasn’t enough though, we’ve now heard that Warner Bros. are also keen to recruit the Short Term 12 star for their own comic book universe.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Percy Jackson is being rebooted as a streaming series, a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max and Diana will have her Golden Eagle armor in Wonder Woman 1984, all of which were correct – Larson has reportedly been offered the chance to play numerous characters in an effort to convince her to sign on to the DCEU. From what we understand, WB is eager to get her on board and has put forth several different parts.

Among these roles is said to be Lady Blackhawk, Zatanna, Hawkwoman and Big Barda, as the DCEU attempts to establish more female superheroes as prominent figures in their universe. While there’s no guarantee that she’d even accept any of these offers or if she’d have time to add another franchise to her plate, you can only imagine how the trolls would react if Brie Larson held two major superhero roles at the same time.