WB Reportedly Planning A Green Arrow And Black Canary Movie


Oliver Queen may have headlined one of the most important and influential TV shows of the modern era, one that launched an entire shared universe to firmly establish The CW as the home of small screen superhero content, but the Green Arrow has never been given the opportunity to star in his own feature film.

The closest the expert archer ever came was when David S. Goyer was developing Escape From Super Max, a prison break thriller set in the DC Universe that would have seen Green Arrow forced to flee a high security prison populated by familiar villains after being framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

There’ve been plenty of rumors over the years that the character was being considered for the DCEU, of course, with Charlie Hunnam regularly linked with the role, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Ben Affleck would be returning as Batman in The Flash weeks before it was confirmed – that the latest idea being discussed behind the scenes at Warner Bros. is a potential team-up movie for Green Arrow and Black Canary.

According to our intel, Jurnee Smollett is being considered for a return as Birds of Prey‘s Dinah Lance, after not being given a great amount to do in the franchise’s failed spinoff. Unfortunately for fans of the Arrowverse, though, Stephen Amell is not under consideration to play Green Arrow, with the role likely to be recast to deliberately distance it from anything that happened outside of the DCEU’s main continuity.

Of course, the studio’s shared universe has announced dozens of projects over the years and proceeded to do absolutely nothing with them, so the news that an Arrow/Black Canary movie could be in development is no guarantee that it’ll actually end up happening. But it is indeed something that WB would like to do and with any luck, it’ll materialize in the near future.