WB Reportedly Wants Johnny Depp To Play A Campy Joker In The Batman Trilogy


More news surrounding Matt Reeves’ The Batman continues to pour out. Earlier this week, we got our first look at the new Batmobile and so far, fans appear to be loving the redesign. Some are even comparing it to the old car from the Adam West television series from the ‘60s.

But that’s not the only connection to the West show that Reeves’ trilogy will have. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Viola Davis was returning for the Suicide Squad sequel, and that a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max – the version of the Joker that Reeves introduces in future sequels – the one that WB wants Johnny Depp to play – will be more campy than what we’re used to. The character will still maintain a creepy vibe, we’re told, but this new iteration will be a little more over the top. In fact, our sources have compared this take on the villain to Ewan McGregor’s performance as Black Mask in Birds of Prey.

Between the suit and the Batmobile, Reeves is obviously looking to put his own stamp on some familiar material and a more campy Joker would be a welcomed sight. Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix were obviously tremendous in their roles (both winning Oscars), but their versions of Mr. J were sadistic and tormented. Something a little more fun could be interesting and a nice change of pace.

Of course, the worry is being too campy a la Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face in Batman Forever or everybody in Batman & Robin. Hold off on the puns. It’ll ultimately come down to who they cast in the role, though, as whoever it is – Depp or someone else – they need to be able to balance the camp with the creepy.

Still, the casting of Colin Farrell as the Penguin and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman shows us that Reeves isn’t afraid to go outside the box for these classic characters and even if they don’t manage to snag the Pirates of the Caribbean star, we have full faith that the director and studio will find a suitable actor to bring the Joker to life in The Batman trilogy.