WB Reportedly Willing To Pay Up To Get Henry Cavill Back

Henry Cavill

The speculation constantly swirling around Henry Cavill‘s involvement or lack thereof in the DCEU isn’t going to stop until he either shows up in a future blockbuster or publicly declares that he’s done playing Superman. Until that day comes, we’re going to keep hearing rumors about his imminent return.

The latest comes from tipster Mikey Sutton, who intimates that Cavill will show up in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, which by our count is roughly the five hundredth or so time that we’ve heard this particular line of inquiry. The project wraps shooting this week, so if the DCEU’s canonical Kryptonian is making a cameo appearance, then he’ll have most likely filmed it by now.

Sutton seems confident, though, with the use of the word “when” making it sound as though it’s a done deal, even though we’ll have to see it until we believe it based on the sheer number of times we’ve heard talk of Cavill’s ongoing tenure as the Big Blue Boy Scout.

The report also goes on to say that Henry Cavill‘s price tag has increased significantly since the last time he suited up meaning he’ll cost WB a pretty penny, which in itself raises several additional questions. For one thing, the actor still had one film left on his contract with Warner Bros. after the release of Joss Whedon’s Justice League, and there was widespread belief that he’d extended his deal last summer, but there’s no been no word from either star or studio as to what his official contractual status is.

As always, we’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best, but if he doesn’t show up in Black Adam, then the door on his time as Superman closes just that little bit more.