Weasel Reportedly Returning For Deadpool 4, But With A New Actor

Deadpool 2

Marvel is yet to officially announce how it intends to bring Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool into its shared cinematic universe, but judging by the amount of leaks that are springing up on the subject, it sounds like the comic book titan has big plans for the mutant anti-hero in the MCU.

Reports suggest that not only is Deadpool 3 rapidly taking shape, but Marvel is already kicking around ideas for his fourth solo outing, too. We recently heard that Wade Wilson’s love interest, Vanessa, could be sidelined for his next movie, only to return in Deadpool 4, and now we’re hearing that it’ll be a similar deal for his trusted sidekick, Weasel.

There’s been some back and forth on the character’s involvement as of late, with initial reports saying he’d be back in the threequel but recast. Then, we heard that he wouldn’t be in the movie after all and now, we’ve received yet another update, which falls in line with the last one. According to our sources – the same ones who told us Disney is making a third National Treasure film, a new Scream movie is in the works and a Justice League Dark show is headed to HBO Max, all of which turned out to be correct – Weasel’s live-action return is being saved for Deadpool 4 and Marvel is planning to recast the part, rather than have T.J. Miller reprise his role from the first two films.

Although Weasel fans are unlikely to be pleased to hear he’s being temporarily benched, the MCU has plenty of groundwork to do before it can integrate all of the characters from the Merc’s Fox outings. Apparently, the next film will be a reboot of sorts, in which only Wade Wilson remembers the events of the Fox era. This essentially means he’ll have to meet each member of his supporting cast all over again, and Weasel was apparently deemed one character too many for Deadpool 3.

It sounds like Marvel is drawing up a long-term roadmap for Wade Wilson’s journey in the MCU then and isn’t planning on introducing all of the hero’s allies at onceThat might not be such a bad thing, either, as it gives the studio that chance to bide its time and come up with compelling ways to reintegrate characters like Weasel and Vanessa, rather than shoehorn them into an overcrowded reunion.

In any case, it’s still unclear when we’re likely to hear an official announcement about Deadpool‘s MCU debut, but we’ll be sure to update you the moment that changes, so stay tuned.

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