We’re The Millers Red Band Trailer: Aniston, Stripping And Drugs


We’re The Millers. It’s a new spin on that age old dilemma. What is the best way to bring a truckload of marijuana into the country without getting caught?

Reuniting Horrible Bosses’ Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, We’re The Millers follows Sudeikis’ David Burke. His highfalutin boss gives him an ultimatum. Either go down to Mexico and drag back a haul of pot, or get thrown to the sharks. Literally. Certain that he’ll appear suspicious to border officials, Burke drags in a motley crew of strangers to act as a fake family. Loading up the RV, they head south to save Burke’s buns.

Aniston showcasing her rockin’ bod pulls the sexy, sultry and funny act under the guise of the family mother. When she’s actually a stripper called Rose. Scream 4’s Emma Roberts is a street punk collared into the scheme as the family daughter. British actor Will Poulter as a customer of Sudeikis’ clambers aboard the RV rounding out the family unit.

With a cast headed up by Aniston and Sudeikis you expect comedy and admittedly, the trailer is hilarious.  There’s gag after gag in the three minute R-band preview. The path to saving yourself from a shark-infested death is never easy. The “family” encounter drug cartels, poisonous spiders and a truly horrific butchering of TLC’s Waterfalls. Check out the rest of the family’s mishaps in the trailer below.

There’s a big market for adult comedies, in spite of their R-ratings. The first two instalments of The Hangover series brought in over $1 billion worldwide. It would seem now that it’s less risky shooting a comedy for a mature audience. Ed Helms, the bespectacled member of The Hangover also joins We’re The Millers in what appears to be a scene-stealing role of Sudeikis’ boss.

We’re The Millers arrives in cinemas August 9th from Dodgeball director Rawson Marshall Thurber.