Wesley Snipes To Fight Zombies In New Horror Film Outbreak Z


“There are worse things out tonight than vampires,” says Wesley’s Snipe in his oh-so-cool performance as the titular character in the 1999 film Blade. Now, it sounds like the actor is about to trade in acid-edged swords for sawn-off shotguns, as he turns his attention to a different kind of living dead in Outbreak Z.

Directed by Chris Brewster, the SAG-award winning fight choreographer and stunt performer for Black Panther, Outbreak Z is said to feature a murderers’ row of renowned Hollywood stunt performers and martial artists, setting it up to be one of the most unique horror movies to hit the scene next year. On top of starring, Snipes will also executive produce the feature.

The movie will find focus on two SWAT officers, one of which will be played by Snipes, as they desperately navigate a college campus overrun with the undead in search on the one man on Earth with a vaccine to the horrific virus.

In an interview announcing production, Brewster revealed his excitement to start shooting, promising the movie will be unlike any other zombie film before:

“Wesley is an absolute legend in entertainment and martial arts. It is an honor teaming up with him, and joining forces with one of the best in the world. Having him on the team, allows us to create a style of zombie/horror films that have never been seen. This will be an action-packed adventure for everyone. We are breaking all the zombie rules… Our zombies will not move or act like anything the audience has seen before,”

Sure, the promise that the latest zombie movie would break all the rules is one we’ve all heard before, but the fact that Brewster is behind the camera teases a great chance of unparalleled undead action. After all, he previously served as the fight choreographer for Netflix’s Daredevil, which featured one of the most brutally impressive fight scenes in television history. If any of the film’s battles come close to matching that one scene, we’re in for a fun ride.

Meanwhile, we know Wesley Snipes is itching to bring Blade to the screen, be in theaters or on TV. Could this be the movie to launch him back onto Marvel’s radar? We’ll have to wait and find out, as Outbreak Z is set to start production later this year.

Source: Geek Tyrant