WGTC Radio #5 – Discussing The Amazing Spider-Man

It’s time for the fifth episode of your friendly neighborhood podcast, WGTC Radio! Remember, you can subscribe for free in iTunes by following this link!

On today’s show, hosts Jonathan Lack and Sean Chapman share their thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man, the superhero sensation that’s lighting up the box office and prompting plenty of critical debate.

Is this an empty cash-grab reboot, or have Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and company achieved something greater? Does the story stack-up against what’s come before? Do the characters work as well as they should? Is the villain a highlight or a problem?

Sean and Jonathan have fairly different opinions (you can read Jonathan’s written review here), but it makes for an engaging and lively debate those interested in the film won’t want to miss!

Join us next week for a countdown of the films we consider to be the worst of all time, and one week after that, an in-depth discussion of the next (and possibly greatest) comic-book blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises.


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Jonathan R. Lack

With ten years of experience writing about movies and television, including an ongoing weekly column in The Denver Post's YourHub section, Jonathan R. Lack is a passionate voice in the field of film criticism. Writing is his favorite hobby, closely followed by watching movies and TV (which makes this his ideal gig), and is working on his first film-focused book.