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Who do fans want to see as Black Cat in Spider-Man movies?

Which actress would be purrfect as Black Cat in 'Spider-Man'?

After the mind-wipe of Earth in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter Parker is left all alone in the end. Now that a new trilogy with Tom Holland has been announced though, fans can begin speculating new plots, characters, and even new romances. One romance many hope to see on screen is between Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy, or Black Cat.

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The only time we’ve seen any version of Black Cat on screen was in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014). Played by Felicity Jones, Felicia Hardy was only shown as an Oscorp employee with no hint and no glimpse of the infamous Black Cat character. Now, since MJ is out of the picture and Peter will be a very lonely young adult in his next movie, fans want to see this character finally brought to screen. The question is, though, who should play Felicia Hardy? Well, the fans have some pretty strong opinions.

Six months ago, right around the release of No Way Home, fans in the Spiderman subreddit asked the question themselves: “Who should play Felicia Hardy/Black Cat in the MCU?”

Multiple suggestions included Meg Donnelly, Zoey Deutch, and Kiernan Shipka. However, the two most popular on this specific thread were Anya Taylor-Joy and Sydney Sweeney. Interestingly, both of these great choices are already part of either the spider-verse or the extended MCU.

Taylor-Joy recently played Magik in the X-Men movie, The New Mutants, which didn’t do too well at the box office. However, no one really expects the studio to continue with that movie or cast, so technically, she could be a great Black Cat if that’s something Marvel is willing to do. As for Sweeney, the Euphoria actress has been announced as part of the new project, Madame Web, by Sony. This announcement confirms her place in the Spider-Verse, but as whom? For now, IMDb has her listed without a character name, so we’ll keep our eyes on her.

While searching Twitter for potential casting choices, we found the Felicia Hardy and Black Cat hashtags, which led us to some more options.

Along with Josephine Langford, most known for her role as Tessa in the After series, fans continued to mention Anya Taylor-Joy and Sydney Sweeney. Fans also mentioned other actresses, such as Sofia Carson, Sabrina Carpenter, Elle Fanning, Dove Cameron, and even Felicity Jones, for reprising Black Cat’s role.

Right now, it seems like the only thing fans agree on is that they want to see Black Cat brought to screen, whether that be in the new Spider-Man trilogy or her own solo project. Even though most votes go to Sydney Sweeney and Anya Taylor-Joy, anything can happen when it comes to casting. For all we know, they’re holding an open call to find someone unknown to play the elusive Black Cat. As for who fans want? Like most things in the MCU, no one agrees on one thing — or in this case, actress.