Wikipedia Publishes Spoiler-Filled Eternals Synopsis That’s Completely Fake

eternals celestial

You know things have gotten bad when Disney’s head of marketing is forced to hop onto Twitter and urge Marvel Cinematic Universe fans not to give Eternals spoilers away ahead of the movie’s release, but it was already far too late by that point.

It all began shortly after the red carpet premiere of the franchise’s 26th installment, when a rumored post-credits cameo from Harry Styles was outed for all the world to see, leaving many people enraged that they’d logged on to social media just to see a massive reveal thrown in their face without warning.

To combat this, one enterprising Wikipedia user has updated and published an in-depth plot synopsis of Eternals, which also happens to be entirely fake. You can’t fault the enthusiasm in offering a blow-by-blow account of what happens in the epic cosmic blockbuster that’s completely fabricated, and it did at least manage to remain active for over six hours before the truth ultimately prevailed, as per The Direct.

Marvel probably wouldn’t have minded had it stayed there for the foreseeable future just to throw audiences off the scent, especially when Eternals‘ chances of box office success are being called into question by a Rotten Tomatoes score that keeps slipping downward the closer we get to Friday’s grand opening.