Tom Cruise Reportedly Bought Robots To Protect Mission: Impossible 7 Set

Tom Cruise

Things have presumably been going well on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 since the cast and crew returned from their break over the holiday season, seeing as we haven’t heard any more stories of Tom Cruise berating his colleagues for putting the production at risk for breaking COVID-19 protocols.

Of course, the actor’s rant has already reached legendary status, provoking plenty of discussion in the process. There are people who feel that his reaction was over the top and extreme, while others support the 58 year-old for losing his temper when shooting has already been shut down more than once due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and as the creative driving force behind the entire series, he takes a massive amount of responsibility and accountability for what happens on his watch.

Either way, the latest rumor to emanate from Mission: Impossble 7 is the craziest one yet, however you want to look at it. According to British tabloid The Sun, Cruise has reportedly purchased two robots to patrol the set in order to keep any eye on things, while they’re also capable of administering COVID-19 tests.

“Tom is so serious about making sure the shoot isn’t shut down that he’s splashed out on these robots as he can’t be everywhere to ensure people are behaving themselves. The robots are really sophisticated and rather intimidating. It’s like the Terminator only not as violent.”

Based on how he dealt with two crew members for breaking the rules, it would be hilarious to imagine the actor spending a fortune on robotic peacekeepers to make sure nobody else steps out of line, with something akin to RoboCop‘s ED-209 telling them they have 20 seconds to comply to social distancing guidelines before it blows them away. The story has apparently been denied by a few people close to the production, but even if it’s not true, the leading man going full Hank Scorpio to ensure the rest of Mission: Impossible 7 goes off without a hitch is a fantastic thought nonetheless.