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Will Donald Glover return for the ‘Community’ movie?

It wouldn't be the same without Troy.

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Fans of the cult classic series Community should be getting very excited, as a new Community movie has been announced. Fulfilling the “six seasons and a movie” meta-joke of the series, the movie will release some time in the future and be released on the streaming service Peacock. Alongside the announcement of an upcoming movie was the reveal that most of the cast would be returning for the film, as well as the creator, Dan Harmon. 

However, it was not all great news, with the return of some cast members still up for debate. Yvette Nicole Brown, Chevy Chase, and Donald Glover were all left out of the announcement, so they might not be returning for the film. While the question of Yvette Nicole Brown’s and Chevy Chase’s returns might be simpler, whether or not Donald Glover will return for the movie is a little more complicated. So let’s take a look at all the evidence surrounding Donald Glover’s appearance in the Community movie, and speculate as to whether he will indeed return for the film. 

Will Donald Glover return for the Community movie?

There is one piece of evidence that might point to Glover having some sort of role in the upcoming film. One of the first people to tease the film was Joel McHale, who plays Jeff in Community. In his tweet, he tagged a few members of the cast (and Gillian Anderson funnily enough), including Donald Glover in the tags. But it is worth noting that as of writing Glover has not made a statement regarding the film. Although it is not as if he hates the cast or anything, as he did return for the cast reunion table read back in 2020 which you can watch above.

Without a doubt, Donald Glover has easily become more famous than he was when he was on Community, due to his breakout music career as Childish Gambino, and his hit show Atlanta. The “This Is America” singer seems to be constantly working whether he is starring in television shows and movies, making new music, or touring. Therefore he might be too busy to film the movie. Although it was announced that the fourth season of Atlanta would be the last season of the series, which might free him up to shoot at least a cameo for the film.

There is also the fact that Glover left Community in its fifth season, opting not to be a series regular and he did not return for season six. This would lend credence to the idea that he would not be returning for the Peacock film. However, it would be sad if after all this time Troy did not make at least a cameo appearance in the show. Troy and Abed were a staple for the first four seasons of the show, and it was near-heartbreaking to see the pair go their separate ways when Donald Glover left the series.

It might also be an issue of money that might be hindering Glover’s return as Troy. Again, he is a massive star, so maybe his asking price is too high for the streaming service. But whatever the reason was for not announcing his return along with the news of an upcoming film, we hope it’s resolved. At least so the actor can reprise his role in a cameo, so we can see Troy and Abed together again.

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