Will The George Bush Funeral Delay The Avengers 4 Trailer?


With the next Captain Marvel trailer confirmed to drop today, it really looked like the rumor mill finally had it right when it was alleged that the first Avengers 4 teaser would be coming this Wednesday on ABC’s Good Morning America. But while the alleged intel may still be fully legit, there’s now talk that the premiere of this footage could be hit with a slight delay.

With the funeral of George H.W. Bush happening on Wednesday, networks will be covering the event from around 11am EST, leading to speculation that Good Morning America might cancel their plans for a trailer unveiling. At the same time, some fans have suggested that the teaser might instead be released directly online with no TV premiere.

Of course, this is all just conjecture for the time being, and it might be best to simply wait and see how it all plays out before we take any of this talk too seriously. Either way, though, it’s clear that we won’t have long to wait before we get to see some Avengers 4 footage, and in the meantime, this upcoming Captain Marvel trailer should give the fans plenty of material to pore over in the next few days.

For all the fanfare we’ve been seeing this year around the lead-up to the Avengers 4 trailer, it’ll be a relief when it finally drops if for no other reason than the period of uncertainty and speculation that it will bring to an end. Of course, you can bet that this footage will help inspire a veritable storm of fan theories, but that’s a whole other mess for us to worry about further down the line. As they say, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.