William Shatner Wants In On The Next Star Trek Movie

Star Trek

The immediate future of the Star Trek cinematic franchise has become much clearer to a certain extent over the last couple of months, a far cry from this time last year when there were multiple projects all being pitched and tossed around behind the scenes at Paramount.

A fourth installment in the Kelvin timeline was never officially off the table, but Noah Hawley was on track to helm another reboot before the plug was abruptly pulled. Quentin Tarantino’s R-rated effort continues to linger in the background, while Wrath of Kahn director Nicholas Myer and producer Robert Sallin each spoke to the studio separately about a fresh take on the long-running sci-fi series.

However, we now know that WandaVision‘s Matt Shakman is set to tackle the next feature length Star Trek, and even though it’s already been awarded a June 2023 release date, it still hasn’t been confirmed whether or not it’ll reunite Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the gang, or forge ahead with a brand new crew in place.

Regardless of how it turns out, William Shatner admitted in a recent interview with USA Today that he wants in on the next movie to boldly go where plenty of others have gone before, and he outlined his desires in the most Shatner-esque way possible.

“We need to see a Prime Kirk 55 years after the fact, and maybe 20 pounds heavier. How would you explain that? That’s their dilemma. What you’ve just said about the movie is news to me and I’m delighted to hear it. But my studio connection is frayed. Not afraid. Although I’m a little afraid of being frayed.”

Leonard Nimoy’s Spock Prime provided a veteran presence with strong ties to the mythology in J.J. Abrams first two Star Trek blockbusters, so there’s a precedent for Shatner getting involved. As always, though, we’ll just have to wait and see if Shakman can find room for the 90 year-old in his narrative.