Wonder Woman 1984 Director Teases Cheetah’s Return


Wonder Woman 1984 finally came our way this Christmas Day, with the long-awaited DC sequel dropping on HBO Max. The internet has been lapping up the movie, and though the package as a whole is receiving some mixed reviews, certain things about it are being widely praised. That includes Kristen Wiig’s performance as Barbara Minerva AKA Cheetah, one of Diana Prince’s new nemeses.

Fans would be up for seeing more from the villain, then, and the good news is that director Patty Jenkins isn’t ruling out the idea. One person tweeted the filmmaker on Twitter, asking if Barbara’s story is now over or if “we will see her again in the future?” Jenkins then shared the tweet and replied: “Thank you for the question! We’ll just have to see…”, followed by a trio of winking emojis.

WW84 reimagines Barbara as a shy, lonely archaeologist who gains superpowers – and eventually transforms into a feline form – thanks to using the mystical Dreamstone to wish she was more like Diana. Of course, Wondy manages to convince the world to renounce their wishes and we last see a repentant Barbara reverting to her human self, but it’s not known what happens to her afterwards. It’s feasible she could retain her immortality somehow and return in a third movie, though, which will likely take place in the present day.

The thing is, Wonder Woman 3 isn’t confirmed just yet. Gadot and Jenkins have both said they’d want to do it, but the pair are going to be pretty busy for the next few years. Jenkins is directing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Gadot’s starring in a new spy thriller and they’re reuniting for Sony’s Cleopatra biopic. But if Warner Bros. does end up ordering Wonder Woman 3, it sounds like there’s a good chance that Wiig could make a comeback, too.