Wonder Woman 1984 Is Reportedly The Second Longest DCEU Movie


Barring any more setbacks, we’re just over four weeks away from Wonder Woman 1984, and in any other year the superhero sequel would be a serious contender to trouble the billion dollar mark at the box office. The opening installment was the first entry in the DCEU to score almost universal acclaim, and comfortably out-performed the likes of Suicide Squad, Man of Steel and even Justice League critically and commercially.

Fans have been desperate to see Gal Gadot’s return as Diana Prince, and the movie once named as the most anticipated blockbuster of 2020 has massively increased expectations to live up to as a result. The footage we’ve seen so far certainly makes it look as though director Patty Jenkins has picked up exactly from where she left off, but this time with an added helping of 1980s nostalgia for good measure.

Hopefully the story being told proves to be engaging enough, because Wonder Woman 1984 is also shaping up to be a very long movie. Recent theatrical listings have claimed that the superhero sequel runs for 150 minutes, which would make it the second longest installment in the entire franchise behind only Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which runs for just two minutes longer.

To be fair, that’s only nine minutes longer than Gal Gadot’s last outing as the comic book icon, and the DCEU is pretty well known for lengthy epics, with Birds of Prey the only one that’s clocked in at less than two hours. Justice League was bang on 120 minutes at the studio’s request and that runtime will double when the Snyder Cut arrives, and with a whole lot more narrative ground to cover, it isn’t a surprise that Wonder Woman 1984 has added an extra few minutes to the proceedings.