Wonder Woman 1984 Reportedly Moving To June 2021


As with many other major films this year, Wonder Woman 1984 has experienced multiple delays in getting to theaters. Once planned for a release as far back as November 2019, WW84 has since been announced for June, August, October and December premieres, and has been one of the most prominent victims of the COVID-19-enforced shutdown of cinemas.

Now, according to Grace Randolph over on Twitter, fans may have to wait until June 2021 to finally see Gal Gadot and co. in the long-anticipated sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman. It’s probably fair to assume, then, that this latest report will be met with some skepticism from audiences, given the multiple changes that Patty Jenkins’ movie has already been through. Indeed, just a month ago, we were hearing talk that Wonder Woman 1984 would be going straight to PVOD, due to the crowded schedule for major pictures in 2021.

Regardless, here’s what Randolph had to share:

It now seems that Warner Bros. will put Wonder Woman 1984 out into the middle of what’s shaping up to be a busy box office marketplace next year. We’re not wholly shocked by this move, either, as viewed in the context of the general progression of the coronavirus and the low possibility of the big screen circuit coming back to life any time soon, another 7-8 month wait seems reasonable.

Still, the news is frustrating, especially due to the multiple trailers we’ve already received for Wonder Woman 1984, as well as some fairly detailed (and potentially spoiler-heavy) descriptions of what to expect from the plot. Indeed, it’s been so long since WW84 was shot that a third entry in the series has been the subject of extensive discussion already. In fact, with such a big gap between now and June, we wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. are tempted to reconsider a streaming launch for the much-anticipated production, if only to avoid the now-inevitable pile up of blockbuster titles arriving next summer.