Wonder Woman 1984 Test Screening Reveals How Steve Trevor Returns

Wonder Woman 1984

The road hasn’t been strictly smooth for Wonder Woman 1984 and many fans of the heroine are wondering if the sequel will stick the landing like its predecessor.

We’re still waiting on a trailer for the film and the press drought hasn’t been particularly kind to DC diehards. As of now, we know that the production has been troublesome and the cast and crew had to go back to London for reshoots. Warner Bros. has so far held two test screenings for the movie as well, one in June which is said to have been very well received and another in October that didn’t garner the same positive reaction from those who saw it.

Some details have now leaked online from the most recent one though and they reveal a few very interesting plot points. Of course, we cannot confirm nor deny the details that have been listed below, but they do line up with a lot of what we’ve heard already. Spoilers will follow from here on out, too.

As you may already know, Pedro Pascal will play the role of Maxwell Lord, a recurring character in DC Comics. During the course of the film, Maxwell will obtain wish-granting powers from a magical rock, but these wishes also come with terrible side-effects and only bestow more power to him. Diana accidentally wishes to have Steve Trevor back, but as per the side effects, he’s resurrected in another man’s body. Only Diana will be able to see him as Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) and the other effect will cause Wonder Woman to lose some of her powers, making her vulnerable to bullets and cuts.

This is also how the Cheetah, Diana’s main enemy in the film, obtains her powers. Apparently, Kristen Wiig’s character will wish to become more like Gal Gadot’s heroine, thus being granted super strength, her catsuit, etc. Wonder Woman eventually decides to go after Maxwell, but the Cheetah turns on her because she doesn’t want to give up her new powers.

Furthermore, at one point during the movie, Diana and Steve decide to steal a jet and she turns it invisible with her godly powers. This seems to confirm WGTC’s exclusive scoop from the other month where we told you that we’ll finally get to see Wonder Woman’s invisible jet in 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984

Maxwell’s big evil plan, meanwhile, will be to hijack a satellite in Washington, D.C. and have everyone wish for something, so he becomes more and more powerful. A big battle ensues and Wonder Woman wins, compelling Maxwell to turn everything back to normal. Yes, Steve Trevor is going to die again by the end of the film and the guy that Trevor was possessing also goes back to normal and doesn’t remember anything. After striking up a conversation, Diana decides to go on a date with him. The end.

Insiders claim that this version of the movie has received mixed reactions, and while some fans are positive about the intricacies of the plot, many think that the narrative is simply too goofy and campy to be taken seriously.

Again, the final cut might end up being different from what these leaks suggest. That being said, we can’t help but wonder if this is truly what they’re going with, story and character-wise, for the sequel of a film that received much acclaim and praise when it was released in 2017. In any case, we’ll have our definitive answers when Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5th, 2020.