Wonder Woman 3’s Main Villain Reportedly Revealed

Wonder Woman 1984

Shortly after Wonder Woman 1984 released across the globe, it was announced that Wonder Woman 3 was being fast-tracked, with both star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins returning. And while it’s too early for any official plot details to have been revealed, a new report may spell out who the movie’s villain will be. So far, Diana Prince has faced off against Ares, Doctor Poison, Cheetah and Maxwell Lord across her first two films. But who’s next?

Well, insider Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has shared that his sources have told him that none other than Circe will be the primary antagonist of WW3. Based on the sorceress of Greek legend, Circe would be the natural choice for the threequel seeing as she’s probably the biggest of Wondy’s comic book foes who’s yet to make it into the DCEU. It would also mark the franchise’s return to its mythical routes after WW84 took things in a different direction.

According to Sutton, WW3 will be much more serious than the recently released sequel, which many have criticized for its somewhat goofy nature. This altered tone is nothing to do with the response to WW84, however, but “because of the time and contemporary setting.” Just as Jenkins has hinted in interviews, the threequel will apparently move things forward to the modern day. What’s more, Sutton has heard that it’ll “mostly take place on Themyscira,” Diana’s paradise island home that only briefly featured in WW84 during an opening flashback.

Like most Wonder Woman enemies, Circe has been reimagined many times over the years following her 1949 debut. Probably the most celebrated take on the character was the post-Crisis version, recognizable for her red eyes and purple hair. At one point, Circe transformed herself into a mortal lawyer to get close to Diana, but she ended up forgetting her true identity. This could make for an interesting storyline to adapt, though it might be too similar to Barbara Minerva and Diana’s tragic friendship in the sequel.

In any case, Warner Bros. is aiming to get Wonder Woman 3 ready in time for a 2022 release, so hopefully we’ll learn more about its plot soon.