Wonder Woman 1984 Fans Going Wild Over First Look At Cheetah


As we begin to move closer towards the summer blockbuster season, Warner Bros. has begun to pull back the curtain on their upcoming DCEU flick, Wonder Woman 1984. Just a few weeks ago, the film’s first TV spot began making the rounds, and late last year, moviegoers picked it as their most anticipated release of 2020.

Granted, we’re still a few months away from its premiere, but with the movie now in post-production, there’ll be plenty to report on as we get our hands on new promotional material, interviews and early reactions. In fact, just earlier today, we got the first picture of Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah, who will serve as Diana Prince’s primary foe.

To be fair, this photo has yet to be confirmed as official, but that hasn’t stopped fans from taking to Twitter to share their excitement, and we’ve gone ahead and compiled a few of our favorite tweets for your reading pleasure below.

To be fair, not every single reaction we found was positive, but generally speaking, it looks like fans are happy that Cheetah’s costume and overall design seem to be grounded in reality, as opposed to relying on a heavy dose of CGI and other visual effects. Personally, I’m curious to see more before I cast any judgment, and while I have other pressing questions which need answering (like, how exactly is Steve Trevor still alive and well decades after the first movie?), it’s good that we’ve finally gotten a look at Cheetah.

Of course, we’ve yet to see her in action, but we’re hoping we’ll see some good ole fashioned fighting in an upcoming trailer. If not, we’ll have to catch Wonder Woman 1984 when it hits theaters on June 5th.