Awesome Wonder Woman 1984 Fan Poster Pays Tribute To The Breakfast Club


News is currently a little slow on the Wonder Woman 1984 front, but while we await some fresh intel on Princess Diana’s second solo outing, fans continue to supply our social media with retro artwork that plays on the much-anticipated film’s titular decade. Back in June, we were treated to a series of amusing posters that made over the Justice League to match the style of the times. Now, someone’s taken a recently released photo of the cast of 1984 and combined it with the poster design of a certain 1985 film.

“Five strangers with nothing in common, except a movie,” reads the tagline of this mock poster, which plays on the promotion for the beloved teen drama The Breakfast Club. The five people pictured, however, aren’t exactly strangers to each other, and they look pretty familiar to us, too.

Posing with a rebel’s fist is the film’s director Patty Jenkins, whose first Wonder Woman feature remains the one exception to the critical losing streak of the DCEU’s recent releases. Meanwhile, appropriately filling the role of Molly Ringwald’s ‘princess’ character on the poster is Gal Gadot, who’s been spotted in various glamorous outfits on the set of next year’s sequel. She’ll be facing off against Kristen Wiig, who plays the villainous Cheetah in the movie, and poses as ‘basket case’ Allison in the image.

That just leaves us with the two actors whose roles are a little more ambiguous in the upcoming film. Recent speculation has suggested that Pedro Pascal – pictured here in the Emilio Estevez jock pose – could be playing mega-rich supervillain Maxwell Lord. As for Chris Pine, his appearances on the set continue to fuel speculation as to who or what exactly he could be playing after Steve Trevor presumably perished in the events of the first film.

It’s going to be a long fourteen months until Wonder Woman 1984 finally arrives in theaters on November 1st, 2019, but until then, we might as well keep the ‘80s fan art coming. Anyone interested in trying a Wonder Woman-Terminator mash-up?