Gal Gadot Gets All Fancy In New Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photos


While Princess Diana of Themyscira can more than hold her own in battle, the star of next year’s Wonder Woman 1984 has been known to abstain from violence every now and then when the occasion calls for a stealthier approach. This may well be the case for these new set photos, which see Gal Gadot in more typical evening wear than her standard combat armor.

Though we don’t yet have a lot of context on these latest pics, Wonder Woman’s stylish white dress suggests an attempt to blend into a social gathering, though don’t be too surprised if the occasion ultimately calls for her to have to fight in this garb.

So far, we’ve got quite a few glimpses at Gadot on set, albeit usually sporting a more typically superhero-esque getup. Just take the image leaked a couple of weeks ago for example, which featured the actress in a brighter-looking costume than previous DC productions have usually shown us.

By contrast, we’ve yet to get a proper look at Kristin Wiig’s character in full Cheetah mode, with last month’s set photo showing only her alter ego Barbara Minerva in more casual attire. Though no one thus far has seen Wonder Woman trade blows with her latest foe, fans have been given the chance to see the pair in action separately.

On the one hand, Wiig was seen launching into the air with the aid of some wires in a recent set video, while attendees of the San Diego Comic-Con witnessed the first footage from the upcoming film, in which Gadot takes down a pair of gunmen in a shopping mall.

With Wonder Woman 1984 not scheduled to hit cinemas until November 1st, 2019, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting an official trailer anytime soon, but you can expect the set pics to continue to find their way online. That being said, you won’t have to wait too long for your next feature-length DCEU fix, with Aquaman coming out on December 21st and Shazam! following on April 5th, 2019.