A Wonder Woman Sequel Is Reportedly On The Way, But Not Before Batgirl


It’s probably safe to say that expectations for Wonder Woman are high when it comes to fans, critics and industry pundits alike, no doubt due to the fact that the Amazon Princess is finally making her solo debut on the big screen after having enjoyed a publication history spanning three quarters of a century.

That said, much positive buzz is already surrounding the film, which will hopefully help add to the already projected $65 million North American opening. Being a longtime fan of the character, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more impressive numbers, but it stands to reason that the studio will show more lenience for a solo outing and not have the lofty expectations that they would for, say, Justice League.

And as with any tentpole of this magnitude, franchise talk abounds, with director Patty Jenkins herself having already said she has ideas for a sequel. Sure, the box office return will count for a lot, but she doesn’t seem to be the only one harboring such optimism because, according to Twitter user Arthurwong, Zack Snyder said such a thing is in the cards at the Shanghai premiere:

As you also no doubt read there, Deborah Snyder allegedly said Batgirl will arrive beforehand, something we find to be totally reasonable given that Joss Whedon has already had ample time to begin conceiving some story ideas and, quite frankly, his female-centric tour of Gotham City may have more of a chance of becoming a reality than other Batman-related films in development because, you know, he has that whole Avengers thing to his credit.

Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 2.