A James Bond Cinematic Universe Is Being Considered

James Bond

Thanks to Marvel Studios, shared cinematic universes are all the rage these days. Sure, Warner Bros. applying that model to their DC Comics properties seems only natural, but we’ve also seen the studio use that strategy on the world created by The Conjuring, just as Universal has likewise followed suit with their Dark Universe.

Not surprisingly, more people in Hollywood have seemingly contracted shared continuity fever (no relation to Disco Fever or Hulkamania), chief among which are said to be the minds behind the James Bond film franchise, which, as you know, is one of the most popular and enduring series in the entire industry.

This whole rumor came about thanks to a Tweet from The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider, who had this to say:

While such an idea could prove to be a bigger gamble than any game of baccarat or poker that 007 himself has ever engaged in, it could succeed in making the bidding war that various studios are currently involved in all the more heated. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience that sweet, sweet payday that comes with a Bond movie more often than every 3-5 years?

But, as we said, there is a bit of a risk involved. It stands to reason that while the series’ main character will seemingly forever be a force to be reckoned with at the box office, will moviegoers be willing to pay good money to see the likes of Eve Moneypenny or others headlining their own adventures? Felix Leiter is certainly another that comes to mind, but it’s very rare that he’s been played by the same actor in consecutive films, thus not creating any sort of visual familiarity with the average viewer.

Other possibilities would be to either introduce a new character in the next mainline movie, serving as a backdoor pilot of sorts for a spinoff. Or, we could take a deeper look at what some of James Bond‘s colleagues are up to and follow the exploits of, say, 005. Regardless of whatever happens, we have an interesting few years ahead of us, and not just because we’re waiting to see if Daniel Craig will return.