X-Men Fan Art Imagines Jason Isaacs As Mr. Sinister


Marvel fans were excited when the post-credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse teased the coming of supervillain Nathaniel Essex AKA Mr. Sinister via a shot of a mysterious employee of Essexcorp stealing some of Wolverine’s blood from Alkali Lake. Though we expected Sinister to appear in Logan, that wasn’t to be, meaning we’re still waiting to see what form the antagonist will take in the X-Men franchise.

Whoever’s eventually cast as the character will have to be a talented actor with a knack for playing, well, sinister types. Given this criteria, Jason Isaacs would probably fit the bill quite nicely. That’s what one fan thought, anyways, as this new piece of art imagines what Isaacs could look like as the ubervillain.

Of course, the actor is a favourite of many a geek, thanks to his roles in popular franchises – Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films and Captain Gabriel Lorca in Star Trek: Discovery. He’s even already tried his hand at playing some classic comic book villains in a few DC animated movies. To date, he’s portrayed three of the company’s biggest bad guys: Ra’s Al Ghul, Sinestro and Lex Luthor.

Of course, while Isaacs would be a great choice for Sinister, many fans may still be banking on another known name taking the part: Bryan Cranston. The Breaking Bad star showed interest in playing the role a couple of years back, so it’s possible that it could still happen. Fingers crossed, eh?

All that being said, when can we expect to actually see Mr. Sinister on the big screen? Well, the current thinking is that he’ll turn up in Deadpool 2, as some are theorizing that there’s a subtle nod to the villain in that seemingly fun but throwaway teaser trailer. Otherwise, he may put in an appearance in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, as the character is often tied in with Jean Grey.

Either way, fans should keep a look out for Mr. Sinister over the next little while, as there’s certainly a lot coming down the pipeline from the X-Men franchise.