Zachary Levi takes a brutal shot at Dwayne Johnson, the DC arch-nemesis he’ll never meet

shazam black adam
via Warner Bros.

Once upon a time, Zachary Levi was thrilled at the prospect of potentially colliding with Dwayne Johnson in the DCU, but various slabs of internet scuttlebutt claimed that the feelings weren’t reciprocated.

Reports emerged offering that The Rock had been offered cameo appearances in both Shazam! Fury of the Gods and The Flash, but he turned them both down. That came after other snippets touted his thinly-veiled disdain for the candy-colored saga being crafted by Levi and director David F. Sandberg, but we all know who got the last laugh in the end.

Only one superhero with a lightning bolt on their costume has survived the first purge of the James Gunn era, and we’ve got the feeling Levi will be just fine in the long run seeing as he’s currently on vacation with co-CEO Peter Safran and his family. In a hilarious burn, though, the actor took to his Instagram Stories to fire a shot squarely in the direction of Johnson’s immaculately-polished dome.

zachary levi dwayne johnson
via Zachary Levi/Instagram

It’s technically a double-pronged assault when you think about it, considering one of Johnson’s favorite pastimes is heavily promoting his ZOA energy drink, even though his scalp was as barren as a desert landscape long before he dipped his toes into the waters of taurine-infused beverages.

At one stage, we all expected Shazam and Black Adam to go toe-to-toe on the big screen, but now all we’re left with is social media sniping. But, hey, at least it’s funny to witness the would-be cinematic universe foes indulge in some petty squabbling.