Zack Snyder Approves Of Robert Pattinson As Batman


Last month, the internet lost its collective mind when it was revealed that Robert Pattinson was being eyed for the title role of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. But for all the noise that bombshell caused, neither the studio nor Pattinson himself had been willing to make any kind of official announcement. And while that still remains the case, Deadline has already gone ahead and done it for them, confirming yesterday that the Twilight star is indeed our next Dark Knight.

Given that many fans wanted a safer choice like Armie Hammer or even an older actor like Jon Hamm, there was an enormous amount of backlash against the idea of “Battinson.” However, just as many people leapt to his defense, telling those only familiar with his work in the aforementioned Twilight to check out his other films before making any judgements.

Whichever side of the fence you fall on, or even if you’re still undecided, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore as Pattinson is now locked in and already, he’s earned the approval of Justice League director Zack Snyder. Though the filmmaker didn’t publicly comment on it, he did show his support for “Battinson” by liking a link to a story about the casting on Vero.

While it’s nice to see that Snyder’s on board with this, we imagine that the news will continue to polarize the DC fanbase. After all, those who disapprove of the 33-year-old actor likely can’t get the image of the teenage vampire from Twilight out of their head.

But since that series wrapped up seven years ago, Pattinson’s gone on to snag far more dramatic roles. Indeed, after appearing in movies like The Lost City of Z and High Life, it seems Hollywood’s now beginning to take him seriously. And he’s even been confirmed to star in Christopher Nolan’s next effort.

Still, as we said above, the debate will continue to rage on, at least until we get our first look at him in the role. But in the meantime, tell us, do you think Pattinson will nail it in The Batman? Or were you hoping for someone else? As always, sound off down below.

Source: Twitter