Zack Snyder Explains How Batman Brings Balance To The World

batman justice league

Yesterday marked 2020’s annual Batman Day, and as one of the most heavily adapted characters in popular culture, there’s no shortage of movies and TV shows in both the live-action and animated realms to have kept fans occupied. It seems unlikely that many people would have kicked back with Joss Whedon’s theatrical edition of Justice League, though, especially when most folks that purchased a copy have probably destroyed it by now anyway.

Of course, as the man who cast Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader, director Zack Snyder has been a huge influence over Batman’s cinematic adventures in recent years, and is currently in the midst of his second bite at the cherry as he puts the finishing touches to his all-new version of Justice League, which is heading to HBO Max and will hopefully improve Bruce Wayne’s character arc after you got the distinct impression that Affleck had lost all interest by the time Whedon’s extensive reshoots began.

To celebrate Batman Day, Snyder took to a social media platform that surprisingly wasn’t Vero to pay tribute to the iconic superhero, explaining how a billionaire dressed as a flying mammal that beats criminals to a pulp with his bare hands brings a sense of balance to the world. And below, you can see what he had to share.

Zack Snyder is obviously a huge Batman fan, as evidenced by the way he pushed Superman to the fringes of the DCEU as soon as he could get his hands on the second of DC’s big two, and it can’t be denied that he clearly holds the character very close to his heart. As such, we’re excited to see what he’s got cooked up for the Dark Knight in his cut of Justice League when it drops on HBO Max at some point next year.