Zack Snyder Says Bruce Used Sex As A Drug In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Man of Steel director Zack Snyder appears to have a lot of time on his hands lately. The filmmaker has been active, to say the least, over the past week, posting a bevy of Easter eggs and hidden meanings buried in his 2016 superhero epic Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The reason why Snyder’s been so overt regarding DoJ and not Justice League? It should be fairly obvious.

Snyder is presumptively still fuming with Warner Bros. and DC for discharging him from the aforementioned pic during post-production, before passing the reigns off to Marvel minion Joss Whedon. Snyder got the last laugh, however, when the picture failed in just about every way a comic book blockbuster shouldn’t. We’re now almost five months removed from the flop, and the director is still pouring salt on the DCEU’s gaping wound.

Yesterday, Snyder responded to a recurring Dawn of Justice criticism about Batman’s illogical Kryptonite weaponization and confirmed another Batman V Superman secret regarding Cyborg on Twitter. Now, he continues his dissection of the divisive  film, this time opening up about Batman’s erotic vice.

The director took to social media, as he so often does, and explained that artwork by Robert Mapplethorpe was used in Dawn of Justice to depict how Bruce Wayne utilized sex “to momentarily forget his pain.” Over on Vero, here’s what he posted:

Snyder’s latest Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice unveiling is but a mere droplet in what’s been a steady stream of Easter eggs and the like. The director has been continuously giving fans a lot to think about for some time now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

It’s certainly interesting, finding out all these hidden meanings and symbolism in the film that most probably missed when watching it back in 2016. But it does make us wonder just what Snyder may have hidden within his cut of Justice League. And will we ever find out?