Justice League Snyder Cut Will Feature An Old And Young Darkseid

Justice League New Gods Steppenwolf

Regardless of your opinions of the quality of Zack Snyder’s movies, you can’t deny that the 2021 release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League will be an interesting experiment. It’s exceedingly rare for a director who’s been removed from a film to be able to go back and make the version they intended – even more so when doing it requires a budget up of to $30 million. On top of all that, it requires a major studio to admit that they were wrong, which doesn’t often happen.

One aspect that I’m particularly looking forward to is how the film deals with Darkseid. Snyder’s original idea was that Justice League would introduce him as the real big bad of the DCEU, with Steppenwolf merely being a harbinger of a future Apokalyptian invasion of Earth. As such, the pic would show us why Darkseid is considered the greatest threat in the universe, setting up his character through flashbacks and likely a full-on appearance late in the movie.

Yesterday we got confirmation that this material is almost certainly going to be in the Snyder Cut, as Snyder posted a picture of Darkseid surrounded by his armies. However, some fans were worried that this Darkseid isn’t as imposing as the one from the comics. To that, Snyder had a reassuring response, saying:

“Don’t worry he’s a baby in this part.”

This tallies nicely with the past rumors that we’d see a ‘young’ Darkseid and the character would be fully established during a sequence known as ‘the history lesson’. If so, I can’t wait to see him, as Superman throwing down with Darkseid provides a rare chance for him to show his full powers, as best seen in Justice League Unlimited‘s awesome ‘World of Cardboard’ fight.

Let’s hope the director keeps dropping these teasers and answering fan questions. Beyond that, I think we can expect a trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut sometime this year.