Zack Snyder Planned To Kill Off Batman In The DCEU


Zack Snyder’s grand vision for the DCEU may have had a frustrating second installment, but I was still hoping we would see where it was going. After all, how bad could a film about Darkseid invading Earth and the Justice League struggling to prevent it from becoming another Apokalips really be? Sadly, the only glimpses of what Snyder might have accomplished have been relegated to his regular updates on social network Vero, but at the very least, the director keeps on feeding us interesting nuggets about what he had planned.

That continues today, too, with Snyder seemingly confirming on Twitter that had he stayed at the helm of the DCEU, he would’ve killed off Batman. Yes, the Dark Knight himself would’ve met his maker had Snyder remained on board. Exact details on what Zack had planned for him or how he would’ve closed out his story remain unknown, but it seems Bats was destined for a date with death, and we can’t say we’re not curious to know how that would have played out.

Unfortunately, we’ll now never find out, as the DCEU – or should that be Worlds of DC – is headed in a drastically different direction from what Snyder had envisioned. The Caped Crusader looks to have a long future ahead of him in the franchise, though, as Warner Bros. hopes to keep the character around for the long run.

Of course, the next time we see Bruce Wayne will be in The Batman, and though Matt Reeves is yet to cast his lead for the film, reports claim that Ben Affleck is ostensibly finished with Worlds of DC after the calamitous Justice League.

So far, Ryan GoslingKit Harington (Game of Thrones) and even Oscar Isaac of Star Wars fame have all been linked with the coveted role, though it’s been said the latter is no longer in contention. Still, it’s clear that the search is on and though it’s fascinating to learn that Snyder originally planned to kill Batman, it’s probably safe to say that it’s for the best that he remains alive and well.

Source: Twitter