Zack Snyder Says He’s Ready For An Army Of The Dead Sequel

Army of the Dead

Looking at the critical consensus, maybe Zack Snyder should just make zombie movies for the rest of his days. His 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake and Netflix’s Army of the Dead boast the two highest Rotten Tomatoes scores out of his nine directorial efforts so far, and neither drew anything resembling the discourse, criticism and overall divisiveness that permeated his time at the helm of the DCEU.

It looks as though we’re going to be getting at least another three projects set in the universe, if not more, with prequel Army of Thieves in the can and awaiting release, while animated series Lost Vegas is currently in production and Snyder has teased that he’s got an insane idea for an Army of the Dead sequel.

Looking at how Netflix operates, we won’t find out just how popular the apocalyptic heist thriller has been for another few weeks, but with the platform desperate to establish as many viable in-house brands as possible, a Zack Snyder franchise would certainly generate interest given the filmmaker’s popularity among his fanbase.

In a new interview, the Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director admitted that he’s already geared up for Army of the Dead 2, so it’s just a case of Netflix giving it the official thumbs up and green light.

“Look, if there was ever a desire for more Army of the Dead, Shay Hatten and I know exactly where the story goes. So, yeah, we’re ready.”

Army of the Dead is definitely Snyder’s best effort for a long time in terms of sheer entertainment value, and he’s clearly loved the opportunity to cut loose and go for broke in a streaming exclusive that isn’t concerned with studio politics or box office dollars, so there’s surely going to be much more to come in the future.