Zack Snyder Reportedly Trying To Get Ben Affleck Back For Justice League Snyder Cut Reshoots

Batman V Superman Snyder

Another day, another Snyder Cut story. Just yesterday, we brought you the news that Zack Snyder’s unrealized vision for Justice League was very much back in play at Warner Bros., with the project seemingly the big red button that the studio are prepared to push if initial subscriber numbers for HBO Max don’t hit their expected targets.

The streaming wars are really starting to heat up, and with the playing field getting more crowded than ever, there aren’t many people in a financial position willing to shell out for the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Quibi, Disney Plus and HBO Max all at once, especially given the current global situation. So, keeping the possibility of the Snyder Cut up their sleeves to use as their secret weapon is a very smart move on WB’s part.

Those that claim to have seen the Snyder Cut haven’t had anything but positive things to say about it, and the fact that Snyder keeps teasing the project online shows that he hasn’t given up hope entirely. In fact, we’ve now heard that the filmmaker is confident enough about his chances of finishing Justice League that he’s even held off-the-record talks with Ben Affleck about potentially returning for some reshoots. Though it’s unclear as yet if the actor would want to be involved.

At least, that’s according to our sources – the same ones who told us that both a Green Lantern and Justice League Dark show were coming to HBO Max, which we now know to be true. Apparently, Snyder wants Warner Bros. to foot the bill for creating the additional footage, but the studio feel like he’s asking for too much to essentially re-edit a movie that lost them a lot of money in the first place only a couple of years ago, something we reported on previously.

So, while nothing is officially moving forward just yet, and the two parties are still negotiating, if they can manage to come to an agreement, then both of them stand to benefit immensely from the Snyder Cut finally getting completed. As such, we can only hope that Zack and Warner Bros. will be able to work something out here and that the director will finally get to give us his version of Justice League.

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