Zack Snyder Reportedly Wants All Future SnyderVerse Movies To Be R-Rated

Justice League

Zack Snyder is evidently a filmmaker who prefers working in R-rated territory, but that didn’t apply to the theatrical releases of his DCEU efforts. Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit the big screen as PG-13 blockbusters, and even if he hadn’t departed the production midway through filming you can guarantee that Justice League would have followed suit.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now reporting that the director wants all future SnyderVerse movies to be geared towards an adult audience, although the use of a definite article feels more than a little optimistic on the tipster’s part given the recent back and forth between Warner Bros. and the studio’s former talent. Even then, if we’re referring to the SnyderVerse as being the projects where his name was in the credits, then none of the titles to score a wide release have been R-rated so far.

In fact, the only installment in the DCEU to be slapped with that particular label is Birds of Prey, which was also the first that didn’t have either Zack or wife and creative partner Deborah listed as producers, so it isn’t technically part of the SnyderVerse. Not only that, but Warner Bros. regard the theatrical edition of Justice League as canon. As such, the only R-rated entry in his arm of the shared mythology is March’s HBO Max exclusive.

The studio have no interest in working with Snyder anymore, and he’s since labeled them as being passive aggressive and dismissive towards his work, so even if his plans for the future of the SnyderVerse took place in the R-rated realm, the chances of him being invited back into the fold with an apology and warm embrace grow slimmer by the day.