Zack Snyder Debunks Supergirl Easter Egg In Man Of Steel


Supergirl‘s the latest DC hero to have their own movie in the works, as last week it was revealed that Warner Bros. were planing on bringing the Girl of Steel back to the silver screen for the first time since 1984’s honestly pretty crummy solo film starring Helen Slater.

The news was received warmly by fans, but those who’ve been paying attention to the past few films from the comic book company shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, it’s long been theorized that Kara Zor-El definitely exists in the Worlds of DC universe, as an easter egg in Man of Steel seemed to hint at her arrival.

When Clark Kent discovers the Kryptonian scout ship hidden in the Arctic – effectively the movie’s version of the Fortress of Solitude – he finds a row of pods and one of the ones in the background can be seen to be open. Going by Superman lore, most jumped to the likeliest explanation being that this was evidence that Clark’s cousin was out there somewhere.

It turns out we were wrong, though, as director Zack Snyder’s now suggested that this wasn’t his plan with the easter egg at all. A fan spoke to the filmmaker on social media site Vero recently, where Snyder regularly interacts with folks and adds new context and details to his DC movies, and asked him to clarify what this easter egg meant. Intriguingly, the director replied: “the open pod was something more.”

There aren’t too many other characters the pod could have contained, assuming Snyder was sticking even vaguely close to the comics mythology. Ones that spring to mind though include the Eradicator, Jax-Ur or, now this would be the most fan-pleasing option, Krypto. A Snyder version of Supes’ super-dog would definitely be something worth seeing, don’t you think?

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