Zack Snyder shares first concept art from Netflix sci-fi ‘Rebel Moon’

zack snyder

It’s been over a month since we heard anything substantial or noteworthy from Zack Snyder’s Netflix sci-fi blockbuster Rebel Moon, with the filmmaker keeping himself plenty busy in the meantime stoking the flames of fervor among his Justice League faithful by dropping various teases for the DCEU sequels fans still hope will happen someday.

What we do know about the project is undeniably exciting, though, especially when it’s technically been in development for almost a decade already. Rebel Moon began life as a Star Wars spinoff, one that Snyder took eight years to confirm he was working on, loosely inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s all-time classic Seven Samurai.

The Mummy‘s Sofia Boutella was cast in the lead role at the beginning of November, shortly after Snyder described Rebel Moon as being akin to the Krypton-set opening of Man of Steel on the biggest steroids imaginable, with a production listing hinting that cameras are set to begin rolling in March 2022.

Taking to Vero as only he seems to do, Snyder has shared the first official concept art from the intergalactic epic, which you can check out below.

Straight-up sci-fi isn’t a genre we’ve really seen Snyder dive into before, and given the inspirations and background of Rebel Moon, the finished product is guaranteed to be a feast for the eyes at the very least, and potentially spectacular on every level.