Zack Snyder Shares First Photo Of Henry Cavill In Man Of Steel Costume


Up until Tim Burton’s Batman stormed theaters in 1989, costume designers working on superhero flicks had yet to think outside of the spandex box. Slowly but surely, though, we saw new territory charted with leather and other fabrics in trendsetters such as 2000’s X-Men and 2002’s Spider-Man.

Though each outfit worn by Superman in various movie and TV productions had all been accurate to the comics, the aforementioned spandex look now seems dated in a world where this area has taken major strides. To be honest, I didn’t hate the threads Brandon Routh donned in 2006’s Superman Returns, but I felt the right formula had yet to be found.

Fortunately, Zack Snyder and company exceeded my expectations in 2013 with Man of Steel, affording the timeless icon a suit that was every bit as badass as something the Dark Knight would sport. Being sleek and sans red trunks, Henry Cavill certainly looked like the Last Son of Krypton for a new era. In fact, I remember printing out a picture the moment the first official photo from the film hit the web because I was so impressed.

Speaking of Snyder, you may be aware of how he can’t stop sharing goodies preserving his time spent with the DC Extended Universe. In this case, he’s disclosed an image capturing the first time Cavill put on the costume specifically designed for Man of Steel (above) and, let me tell you, the guy looks downright majestic.

Funny enough, this wasn’t the first set of duds the actor wore pertaining to Big Blue. As it turns out, he actually screentested in Christopher Reeve’s getup, which you may remember seeing in the past. Of course, everyone knew fashions from yesteryear wouldn’t be present in the final product, but we still admire Cavill’s bravery for strutting around in his predecessor’s uniform.